Willamette Park

Willamette Park is a hybrid park located along the Willamette River in Southwest Portland. The park is 26.85 acres, and was established in 1929. Amenities include: boat dock, boat ramp, disabled access picnic area, disabled access restroom, dog off-leash area, paths, picnic site and tables, playground, soccer field, and tennis courts. Willamette Park is part of the California Subwatershed in the Willamette Watershed.

Willamette Park is part of the South Portland Riverbank Project, which is a partnership to restore and enhance habitat along the Willamette River. Willamette Park is one of the best wildlife viewing areas along the river, with views to Ross Island and Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. The park is home to beaver, double-breasted cormorants, Canada geese, and belted kingfisher, to name a few. The City of Portland began removing non-native plants in the south end of the park in summer 2006. Friends of Trees organized community volunteers to plant 250 native trees and shrubs in the park.


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