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Final Report Now Available

Our final report, Willamette Park Assessment & Recommendations, is now available to download on our website. If you have any questions about the report or the process, please feel free to contact us!


For full report:
Willamette Park Assessment & Recommendations (PDF, 16.5 MB)

For individual chapters:
Executive Summary & Chapter 1. Introduction (PDF, 1.9 MB)
Chapter 2. Context (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Chapter 3. Conditions & Assessment (PDF, 9.6 MB)
Chapter 4. Recommendations & Chapter 5. Next Steps (PDF, 874 KB)

A. Work Plan (PDF, 1.4 MB)
B. Historic, Park Planning, Recreational & Ecological Context of Willamette Park (PDF, 3.0 MB)
C. Client Stakeholder Interview Technical Memo (PDF, 569 KB)
D. Terrestrial Ecology Enhancement Strategy Site Report (PDF, 2.4 MB)
E. Observation Results Memo (PDF, 926 KB)
F. Assessment & Recommendations Public Involvement Plan (PDF, 570 KB)
G. Promotional Items & Media Coverage (PDF, 4.2 MB)
H. Intercept Survey Results Memo (PDF, 1.3 MB)
I. Community Stakeholder Interview Technical Memo (PDF, 569 KB)
J. Stop & Talk Summary Memo (PDF, 541 KB)
K. Community Meetings Summary Memo (PDF, 549 KB)
L. Potential Improvements for Willamette Park Memo (PDF, 2.5 MB)
M. Willamette Park Recommendations Memo (PDF, 768 KB)


Final Report Coming Soon

We are hard at work drafting our final report. Check back next week for the final posting!

Also, thank you to all that came to our presentations last week! We hope you enjoyed them and learned a lot about the park and our project!

Final Report Presentations

We are well underway to drafting our final report on the assessment and recommendations we have gathered, observed, and vetted with PP&R and the community. It has been a long six months, but we are almost ready with our findings!

We invite all interested community members to join us for one of two final report presentations:

Portland Building Brown Bag Presentation
What: Brown Bag Presentation at the Portland Building (1120 SW 5th Avenue)
When: Tuesday, June 1
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Where: 2nd Floor Room C

Click here to view and print our brown bag flyer!

PSU MURP Presentation
What: Final MURP presentations at Portland State University
When: Wednesday, June 2
Time: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Where: Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 238

Note: This is a presentation for all MURP workshops, which you can read about here.

We hope to see you at the presentations!

Community Meetings a success!

Thank you to all those who came out to our community meetings on May 2 and May 3, 2010 to provide feedback on our alternatives and actions for Willamette Park. At the meetings, we had people rate their priorities for improvement actions in Willamette Park that were part of the three following improvement areas:

1. Improve recreation experiences

  • Park facilities
  • Trail system
  • Boating facilities
  • Sports fields
  • Interactive education

2. Protect and enhance natural resources

  • Stormwater management
  • Restoration and enhancement
  • Pedestrian access to Willamette River

3. Improve park management and operations

  • Signage
  • Management of geese

We appreciate all the input we received and the time people spent discussing the topics with us. It was extremely informative and a very important part of our process. View pictures from the event on our photo website here!

Our next steps will include working with PP&R planners to analyze the alternatives and actions based on standardized PP&R criteria and public input. Once we have done this, we will develop our recommendations for guiding Willamette Park as a hybrid park into the future.

Our final report will be available to download right here on our website in early June.

Thank you again to all who have helped us in this process thus far! We look forward to sharing our recommendations with you all shortly!

Project Focus

Quercus Planning Group is working as a consultant to aid Portland Parks and Recreation in prioritizing projects that balance the long-term viability and sustainability of Willamette Park with growing user demands. Portland Bureau of Environmental Services will be serving as a partnering agency because of their interest in natural resource management and expertise in stormwater management.

The three areas that Quercus Planning Group will be focusing efforts on are:

1. Recreational Opportunities
2. Natural Resources
3. Stewardship & Education

Public involvement is a key component of the process and will be essential to creating alternatives and recommendations for the final output. Stay tuned to learn more about outreach for this project!

Welcome to the Quercus Planning Group Blog

We are a team of 4 graduate students in the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Portland State University.¬†We are working with Portland Parks and Recreation and Portland Bureau of Environmental Services to prepare an assessment of Willamette Park and provide recommendations for the park’s future. This project is the culmination of our program and our final output as graduate students.

The Quercus Planning Group blog will detail our progress as we go, and will provide updates on meetings, tasks, deadlines, and final presentations. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for tuning in!