Willamette Park is a 26.85-acre regional park located in Southwest Portland along the western bank of the Willamette River. Acquired in 1926 by the City of Portland, this area is a unique and valuable resource providing residents and visitors of the Portland metropolitan region with a range of recreational and educational opportunities. The recreational amenities within the park include: a boat dock and ramp, multi-use paths, picnic areas, dog off-leash area, two playgrounds, two soccer fields, and four tennis courts. Natural amenities located in the park include: native oak groves, riparian and river habitat, mudflats, and native vegetation.

Willamette Park is a hybrid park, which is a developed park that includes natural areas within the park boundaries. Hybrid parks link people with the natural environment by incorporating more diverse vegetation types and natural settings among developed recreational uses that attract wildlife and serve a larger ecological function. As a hybrid park, Willamette Park’s natural amenities are integrated into the park’s infrastructure as key assets of the park that provide valuable ecosystem services. Due to the variety of uses as a recreation park, however, managing Willamette Park as a hybrid park is more challenging than other hybrid parks but it is not impossible. Careful planning and consideration of both recreational and natural amenities and the many uses is very important to enhance the user experience and improve the quality of the park for all.

There is currently not a master plan for Willamette Park. Through an assessment of the park amenities and uses, Quercus Planning Group (QPG) aims to provide Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) with recommendations that will help with future planning efforts.


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