Major Tasks

In order to provide insightful information and recommendations to the PP&R around the Quercus Planning Group’s focus areas, the following tasks will be completed over a five month timeframe through the following phases:

1. Project Scoping & Problem Assessment – Assessing the current challenges and opportunities that exist within the park will aid in the development of project scope, goals and priorities.

2. Information Gathering – The purpose of collecting information for the project is to aid in a better understanding of the social and ecological characteristics of the park in the context of its past, current and future uses.

3. Vision & Goals – This task assesses the data gathered in the previous phase and identifies common values from the community and the PP&R and BES.

4. Alternatives Development & Evaluation – The intention of developing a variety of alternatives is to explore different methods for addressing challenges and opportunities within a space. The alternatives are then evaluated against the vision and goals identified in the previous phase to identify the most appropriate solutions and improvements.

5. Recommendation Development & Evaluation – Final recommendations will be developed with consultation from the community, PPR & BES, and the Technical Advisory Committee. The final recommendations will develop priorities for the park which balance environmental and social uses.


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