Park User Survey

Willamette Park Intercept Survey Results Summary

As part of the information gathering phase of this project, Quercus Planning Group conducted intercept surveys between February and April 2010. A total of 56 people responded to the surveys. Fifty intercept surveys were completed in the park, and six surveys were completed online. The online survey responses were incorporated into the results, as the online survey questions collected the same information as the paper intercept survey. Three QPG team members conducted the in-person intercept survey on February 20 from 9 am-12 pm, and two team members on February 22 from 12:30-2:30 pm. QPG also conducted the in-person intercept survey from 3-6 pm on April 3, 2010 while at their Stop & Talk event in the park.

It is important to note that the results from the intercept surveys represent only the perceptions of those who participated and should not be interpreted to represent all park users or the general public.

Here are some of the results:

Frequency of Park Visit

  • 23.2% visit the park at least once a month
  • 17.9% indicated that they visit the park at least once a week
  • 21.4% several times a week

Transportation to the Park
Survey respondents were asked to select all of the modes of travel they used to get to Willamette Park. The most common mode of transportation identified by the survey respondents was car (31 responses), followed by walking (22 responses).

Location Before Coming to the Park

  • 71.4% came from home
  • 16.1% came from work

Length of Visit in the Park
Respondents were asked to estimate the length of time they were planning to stay in the park that day.

  • 44.6% planned to visit the park for 30 to 59 minutes
  • 17.9% planned to stay for more than two hours

Activities Engaged in During Park Visit
Respondents were asked to identify up to three activities they were planning to do or had already done in the park.

  • 21.7% walked for exercise
  • 12% were passing through the park

Reason for Visiting the Park

  • 29.5% came for exercise and fitness or to enjoy nature and be outdoors
  • 13.1% came to walk the dog

Importance/Quality of Park Amenities
Respondents were asked to rate the importance of common park amenities on a four point scale (1 = Not Important and 4 = Very Important).

  • Paths/trails: 3.70
  • Trees: 3.65
  • Natural areas: 3.54
  • Art or sculptures: 2.17
  • Formal gardens: 2.00
  • Basketball courts: 1.91

Respondents were also asked to rate the quality of each amenity identified in the previous question according to its presence at Willamette Park. A four point scale was used again (1 = Very Poor and 4 = Very Good). High scores indicate that respondents are generally satisfied with the quality of these amenities at the park.

  • Open grassed area: 3.58
  • Trees: 3.50
  • Access to the river: 3.40
  • Dog off-leash area: 2.55
  • Other (including adequate lighting and quietness): 2.50
  • Information about Willamette Park: 2.14

Findings from the Willamette Park intercept surveys offer a level of detailed information related to park use, preferences, and motivations. As the two primary motivations for visiting the park, as indicated by the survey respondents, were exercise and fitness, and enjoy nature and be outdoors, this supports Willamette Park’s administration of being a hybrid park. The quality of the amenities in the park will assist QPG to prioritize needs, as identified by park users. The list of preferred park improvements will also provide QPG with strategies to address the desires of the park users. Many of the findings are consistent with what has been identified in other information gathering tasks completed by QPG, and will add further depth to the assessment and recommendations document.


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